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Chronic pain is often debilitating and can negatively affect your everyday life. At Ortho One Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida, Fady Bahri, MD, George Bahri, DO, Stefan Pribil, MD, and their team offer a wide array of pain management solutions to restore joint range of motion, mobility, and overall quality of life. Schedule a pain management consultation with the experts at Ortho One Jacksonville by phone or book an appointment online today.

Pain Management Q & A

What is pain management?

Chronic pain can significantly reduce your ability to stay active and enjoy life to its fullest. Pain management at Ortho One Jacksonville includes evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment that reduces or eliminates chronic pain associated with a disease or injury and offers you a better quality of life.

Is pain management right for me?

To find out if you’re a candidate for pain management at Ortho One Jacksonville, your provider checks your vital signs and reviews your medical history. 

They ask about your symptoms and the medications you take and complete a comprehensive physical examination. The Ortho One Jacksonville team might recommend you undergo blood tests, X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, or other imaging procedures to diagnose the cause of chronic pain and develop a treatment plan.

What are my pain management treatment options?

After discovering the root cause of severe or chronic pain, your physician might recommend one of the following pain management treatment options:

Lifestyle changes

In certain instances, chronic pain and injuries associated with it subside after making simple lifestyle changes. Examples include resting and icing the affected area, losing weight, getting plenty of sleep and proper nutrition, and wearing a brace while an injury heals.

Medication management

Numerous medications and injections can relieve chronic pain by reducing inflammation or blocking pain sensations. Your provider might recommend taking oral medicines, receiving injections, or both to minimize discomfort while an injury heals.

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine uses stem cells or platelet-rich plasma from your blood to stimulate cell regeneration in injured areas without surgery or downtime.

Physical therapy

In many cases, physical therapy strength and stretching exercises can optimize healing after an injury. Your provider may recommend you undergo physical therapy by itself, in conjunction with other pain management solutions, or after you complete orthopedic surgery.

Orthopedic surgery

In severe cases of an injury or disease, your physician might recommend you undergo orthopedic surgery to repair muscles, joints, or other tissues to restore musculoskeletal structure and function.

Don’t live with debilitating or long-lasting pain when a wide array of pain management treatments are within reach. Schedule an appointment with Ortho One Jacksonville by phone or book online today.